Electric Crematorium

We manufacture double chamber ( Primary chamber and Secondary chamber) electric cremation furnace with following crematorium equipments :

Electric Cremation Furnance

  • Manually operated body charging Trolley
  • Crematorium Equipment Control Panel Board
  • Main Control Panel Board
  • Cremation furnace with up down door operation by automated gear box motor mechanism
  • High temperature Kanthal Nicrome electric heating coils system for Primary chamber and Secondary Chamber in the electric cremation furnace.

Electric Cremation Panel Board

  • Pollution control equipments – Venturi scrubber with cyclone separator
  • Pollution control equipment – ID fan and 30 meters stack chimney
  • Thermo couples, complete control switches and digital meters in Equipment panel board and Main Panel
  • Fresh Air blower
  • Connecting MS pipe lines


Electric Crematorium Furnance Technical Data

1 Electric Cremation Furnace Double Cremation Chamber – Primary and Secondary Chamber
2 Electric Cremation Fuel Electricity
3 Electric cremation time /per body 60-90 minutes required to cremate a body
4 Cremation Ash out Time Within 60 minutes after electric cremation
5 Cremation fuel consumption – per body 300 Kw/hr. For continuous cremation less electricity will be consumed.
6 Cremation cost Please check with your local cremation provider.
7 Cremation Air Pollution Equipments Cremation Water Pollution system Cyclone separator with venturi scrubber with wash column.
Effluent Treatment Plant
8 Crematory Stack 30 Meters height – self supported.
9 Crematory Equipment Operation Training Yes we provide electric crematory operation training.
10 Crematorium equipments maintenance Yes we provide electric crematory equipments maintenance for 1 year from the date of installation of equipments and further maintenance can be enter into an AMC.
11 Is Crematorium Equipments repairs and service works available??? Yes our company would undertake crematorium equipments repairs and service works.
12 Are all crematorium equipments spares and accessories will be supplied??? Yes our company would supply and install all spares and accessories required for the electric crematorium.



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