Electric Crematorium Repairs

Electric Crematorium repair works – Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore undertakes following electric crematorium repair works, service works and maintenance works.

Electric Cremation furnace repair works


  • Repair and service works in cremation furnace floor.
  • Repair and Service works in side walls of the cremation furnace.

  • Repair and Service works in primary chamber cremation roof.
  • Repair and Service works in flue gas passing secondary chamber trench.

Electric Cremation furnace complete newly built
Removal of cremation furnace old floor / side walls/ roof and we completely new built with high temperature refractory bricks and refractory castables.

Electric Cremation electric heating coils repair and replacement
Inspection of electric heating coils in the furnace to reapir or replace new electric coils.

Electric crematorium pollution control equipments repair, service or replacement
We repair, service or replace the pollution control equipments such as venturi scrubber with cyclone separator arrangement, Air blowers, Induced-draft fans and 30 Meters stack chimney.

Electric crematorium mechanical equipments repair, service and replacement.
Inspect, Repair and service works in Cremation furnace door assembly with gear box motor or replacement with new furnace door assembly and Human Body Charging Trolley.

Electric Crematorium panel boards repair, service and replacement
We inspect, repair, service or replace the main panel board, cremation equipments panel board in the electric crematorium.

Equipments and products that we supply for Electric Crematorium

  • Cremation furnace electric heating coils
  • Air Blowers
  • ID fans
  • 30 Meters Stack Chimney
  • Cyclone Separator with Venturi scrubber
  • Thermo couples
  • Digital indicators



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